Seeton is on the 3rd place in the ratings of system integrators of Ukraine 2021!



Our company is in the TOP – 3 rating of system integrators in Ukraine 2021, which is published in its first issue in 2022 by the «Networks and Business» magazine after the war start in Ukraine. In addition, Seeton made a big climb up and immediately stepped from #7 in the 2020 ranking to #3!

More details in the analytical review “Unbreakable or system integrators of Ukraine in wartime!”

It is no secret that all participants were evaluated based on the results of work not only in 2021, but also at the beginning of the first half of 2022, in which the war began and is still going on …It was difficult for everyone.

At the same time, Seeton was able not only to remain active in the market, but also to increase business volumes (by +18%), as well as significantly (by +15%) increase the staff due to new top-level specialists.

“We believe that the 3rd place among our respected competitors in the ratings this year is a merit, first of all, of our entire team and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE OF US! Each member of the team works with full dedication and brings their very valuable experience and work to the Seeton’s common cause. It is also the result of a new business strategy, we have been following steadily since 2021. Our expertise is growing – the number of projects and the trust of customers are growing, despite the war and the demand transformation related to nowadays,” says Bogdan Khoroshchak, director of Seeton.