Seeton makes every effort to ensure that its obligations to customers be met during the martial law!


Dear colleagues!

At this difficult time, Seeton, your reliable partner, is making every effort to ensure that we meet our obligations to our customers. We have focused all our efforts on providing technical support to our customers. Unfortunately, we are forced to suspend the implementation of new projects due to martial law restrictions.

We value human life, so we should not risk our specialists’ life.

Seeton officially declares that as of February 24, 2022, we have no cooperation with companies, specialists or citizens of the aggressor countries: the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. We officially declare that Seeton does not supply or support any software products or services of russian or belarusian origin.

Seeton makes every effort to establish logistics channels as soon as possible, which completely excludes the participation of companies from the aggressor countries in our work. Currently, the technical team is working and doing everything possible in these difficult conditions.




Sincerely, Seeton team.