Seeton’s management and staff express their sincere and boundless gratitude to all those who are defending our country in these difficult times, in the war waged by the russian federation against the Ukrainian people!

We understand that inaction is unacceptable in this war and today everyone has own front in Ukraine! We cannot stand aside from the events in our country and must support each other and set an example for others. Therefore, we want to share the steps that our company has taken in 29 days of war:

  • Seeton has kept all the jobs since the beginning of the war, moreover – we continue to strengthen our team;
  • Seeton pays salaries on time and has planned to increase the salaries of most of the company’s employees this year;
  • Seeton continues to perform its duties in good faith. We are where our Clients need us every day;
  • Seeton, together with distributors and partners, establishes logistics chains to avoid the risk of delays in supply;
  • Seeton is working to provide bulletproof vests and helmets to our colleagues who are already in the service of the Armed Forces or have joined the Territorial Defense Units;
  • Seeton has purchased the laptops for more than 300,000 UAH to perform official tasks of one of the units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and will ensure the receipt in the coming days;
  • We continue to learn, obtain certifications and support partnership with key vendors
  • We found an opportunity to organize a temporary regional office in Lviv and ensure remote work of employees for safer working conditions;
  • Every working day we have a joint call of all management and separate calls of managers with their structural units. In addition to the current work questions, the most important ones for us: “Is everyone safe?” and “Does anyone need help?”;
  • We support all volunteer initiatives of our employees and we are very grateful to all partners who join and help us!

Together to victory!

Glory to Ukraine!