Helix: “smart” service quality assurance


High-quality customer access is a key competitive advantage of communication service providers. To ensure it, a package of optimization of network operation processes was created – Helix Smart Service Assurance.

Helix Service Assurance solution equips the engineering, Network Operations Centre (NOC), and Service Operations Centre (SOC) teams with an integrated suite of powerful automated and analytical tools to predict, identify and resolve complex service and network outage failures. The solution was developed by TEOCO (on May 10, 2023, TEOCO’s services business was acquired by Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services for communications and media companies, so Helix is ​​now part of Amdocs’ product portfolio).

Quality assurance of services from Helix

Assuring a quality customer experience is not as easy as it used to be. New technologies (5G) supported by New Radio, cloud-enabled and hybrid networks will enable CSPs to deliver new consumer use cases. In addition, Enterprise customers are demanding greater visibility and control of their service level agreements that require constant monitoring to ensure compliance . These factors highlight the need for ‘smart’ service assurance as a mission critical task for CSPs, for them to ensure they gain and maintain a competitive edge in today’s market.

HELIX is to provide an integrated suite of intelligent solutions that:

  • Simplifies and automates the resolution of network performance, fault and service issues
  • Predicts and prevents  network            outages,  service degradations and SLA violations
  • Generates actionable analytical-driven insights
  • Supports closed-loop orchestration and self-healing.

Carrier-grade and highly scalable, Helix Service Assurance supports highly dynamic network environments across all major wireless and wireline network technologies, including 5G, NFV and Cloud.

Addressing current and future assurance challenges

Helix Service Assurance solution is built to address CPS chalenges into the future, by providing a powerful suite of capabilities for managing network faults, performance and services. As the scale of contextualy aware data increases and network technologies evolve, so the need for a solution designed to grow with your services is needed; whether that requires a Big Data solution or flexible cloud based solution, HELIX has your future requirements covered.


The rise of analytics

Helix Analytics uses patented, machine-learning algorithms to analyse large volumes of real-time and historical data; revealing deep insights helps operations and engineering teams focus their attention on critical issues and enables them to quickly deploy new services. Helix analytics filters and prioritizes alarms, identifies the root cause of problems, automates network healing and resolution processes, and discovers resource and service anomalies to enable preventive care.

Customer-first approach for Service Operations Centres (SOC)

With an increasing focus on customer experience as a differentiating factor, Helix enables service operations centres to monitor, prioritize and investigate issues at the service level. By prioritizing network failures through predicting network maintenance issues, notify customers in advance of an outage and providing access to service performance metrics through customer-facing digital portals, CSPs are looking to differentiate their offering.

Evolution to virtualized networks

As NFV and SDN deployments continue to expand, Helix offers native support for hybrid networks constructed of both physical and virtual elements. Based on a scalable, cloud – based architecture, Helix enables closed-loop automation, easily integrates with network orchestrators, monitors SLAs in multi-vendor networks, and accurately analyses dynamic network and service topologies.

Migration to 5G

For mobile operators, Helix’s advanced tools solve some of the major challenges of the upcoming 5G era, including: context-aware analysis of massive amounts of data and fault indicators, real-time slice monitoring of user-configurable services, and closed- loop optimization of diverse RAN resources.

 Components of the Helix Smart Service Assurance solution

Fault Management

Helix Fault Management oversees and simplifies the entire alert management process. It enables network operations teams to visualize, monitor and repair network and IT issues in real-time. A set of advanced correlation and automation tools empowers network operations centres to predict potential network degradations, to priorit iz e problematic faults and take the necessary corrective actio ns to minim ize downtime and customer impact.

Performance Management

Helix Performance Management helps service provide rs stand by their consumer and enterprise network assuranc e prom ises. Helix PM’s advanced algorithms, automatica l ly detect network anomalies and utilize adaptiv e thresholds to better monitor KPI trends. Allowing NOCs to manage and forecasts network performance and quality of service (QoS) issues for complex, multi-technology networks. Built to process massive amounts of data (using the latest in Big Data technology), Helix PM helps operations   and engineering teams identify network traffic patterns, predic t potential failures, and plan for future network expansions.

Service Management

Helix Service Management spotlights customers and their specific services. It provides service operations centres wit h a comprehensive set of management tools to monit or, prioritize and investigate   fault and performance issues at the service level. Helix Service Management includes an intuitiv e set of geolocation and data visualizat ion capabilities that provides an end-to-end view of custom e r interactions across the network. Based on industry -leading network and service models, Helix Service Manager enables SOC users to predictively identify which sites, services and customers will be impacted during a network failure thereb y reducing the risk of SLA violations.


The versatile and efficient solution

Helix Service Assurance is an integrated converged system built for multi-technology, multi-vendor network environments that include cellular (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G), fixed (cable, fiber and xDSL), IP networks, NFV SDN and legacy networks. The solution meets the most severe IT requirements so it can be implemented in any organization’s network.

The Helix solution has been developed from scratch, for support of operational, engineering and business groups. Each group uses a set of powerful external user interfaces to visualize diverse data from multiple sources. A key element in all Helix applications is moving away from the OSS approach based on individual systems (error management, performance management, etc.) and focusing on the end-to-end view of service assurance to maximize the potential of use cases.

The Helix solution is based on a modular architecture that provides a variety of functions and features grouped into modules. Specific modules can be selected according to current user requirements and added at a later stage according to evolving needs, ongoing network upgrades and expansion.

In the Helix Service Assurance Suite, the Sentinel module serves as a centralized user interaction tool. This next-generation interface provides NOC and SOC teams with advanced visual analytics tools to investigate and drill down into issues at hand, enabling efficient engagement and correlation analysis of all available data. It uses performance, error and configuration information from different domains, service models, network and topology. The interface effectively visualizes aggregated information derived from detailed data gathered from the network and the results of ML (Machine Learning) analysis generated by the automatic, efficient components of the Helix Service Assurance Suite.

In Ukraine, there is already interest in this solution from several national communication operators.

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