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Data Centers

The data center guarantees to customers the protection of their data and the continuity of business processes 24/7, 365 days per year. If your business directly depends on the development of information technology, the requirements for the speed of deployment of new services and the level of their quality have significantly increased. Only the data center can provide IT to all necessary: high-quality power supply, necessary heat sink, physical and logical protection of information, comprehensive monitoring and management of the entire infrastructure.

Seeton has experience in designing and building of data centers since 2000. The company has a construction license and all necessary permits. All sites and engineering systems are created based on the expertise of the data centers construction for large companies – banks, telecommunications, and industrial enterprises.

The experience of our specialists guarantees the uninterrupted operation of your data center and infrastructure. We are competent in the creation of engineering systems: power supply, SCS, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as in the integration and creation of IT infrastructure.

Seton is a partner of leading manufacturers and offers solutions based on software from various vendors. The solution includes a set of network management systems, servers and applications, storage system components and allows simultaneous configuration changes on hundreds of servers.

The design and development of all systems is offered not only as a part of big integration projects, but also as an independent service, for example, for server rooms with engineering infrastructure.

Key solutions and services of data centers:

Development and architecture of the technical concept 

Designing communications and engineering systems

Project management

Supply of equipment, materials and software

Construction and commissioning

Maintenance of the data center

Storage and data processing systems

Geographically distributed solutions