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Cloud Security

Cloud Security covers technologies that secure Cloud computing environments, applications and data located in the cloud. This resources’ security has ensured by user authentication, clear policies of access restriction and protection of confidential data of the company’s users.


Seeton Cyber ​​Security Team develops the following areas of Information Security:

Zero Trust Network Access – a solution that provides secure remote access to an organization’s programs, data, and services based on clearly defined access control policies. The main principle of work is to provide access only to those resources that the employee needs to perform work functions.

Container Security — a solution that contains a toolkit of security policies that are necessary to control containers, operating systems based on which containers are placed, repositories for storing containers and clusters.

Cloud Workload Protection Platform – a solution that discovers and allows you to control workloads that reside in cloud and on-premises environments. Solutions of this class support functions: scanning for vulnerabilities and closing these vulnerabilities, antivirus protection and intrusion prevention, etc.

Cloud Access Security Broker a solution that can combine various security policies, namely: authentication, credential mapping, encryption, malware detection, etc. The CASB tool allows Cloud service administrators to detect unauthorized actions in user activity when working with O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, etc., including detection of managed and unmanaged company devices.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management – a class of solutions that minimizes the likelihood of data leakage in cloud environments. It has carried out through constant monitoring of user privileges and activity. This monitoring has carried out in order to check whether all users are working with the required levels of access to the company’s corporate resources.

Attack Surface Management is a set of practices aimed at identifying, classifying and assessing the state of security of an organization’s assets.

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