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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access management systems allow your organization to manage a range of identities including people, software and hardware such as robotics and IoT devices.

Companies need Identity and Access Management to provide two main directions: online security and employee productivity:

  • Security – security often has one important detail that attackers often pay attention to – passwords. If a user’s password (or worse, password recovery email) has compromised, the organization becomes vulnerable to attacks. IAM services reduce the entry points of attackers and protect systems with tools to detect various errors, but when they appear, IAM solution helps to solve these errors and gives recommendations on how to solve them.


  • Productivity after logging into the main IAM portal, an employee no longer has to worry about the correct password or appropriate access level to perform their duties. Each employee not only gets access to the right set of tools to perform work functions. The functionality of these solutions allows you to manage access for users, groups or the corresponding role, and not individually for each employee, which reduces the workload on IT specialists.

IDM class solutions allow companies to ensure the reliability and security of data when accessed by employees or partners of the company.


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