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Seeton has been developing the concept of “everything as a service”, combining models of software, platforms and infrastructure as a service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) based on the latest virtualization technologies. Within this concept, we implements a full range of cloud computing.

The use of virtualization allows building a flexible, dynamic, incremental working environment and using resources rationally. The modern development of virtualization technologies makes possible to use them practically in any components of the computing infrastructure:

Virtualization of server equipment allows abstracting the operating system and deployed applications from physical server components. It must increase the utilization of equipment and the consolidation of resources.

Virtualization of the network can build the main physical network equipment by software, that significantly reduces the speed of new components deployment, increases the solution security.

Virtualization of workplaces will help to achieve an instant increasing for new employees, provides centralized storage and data backup, and reduces the risks of loss or theft of information.

Virtualization of applications increases the fault tolerance of solutions, reduces the recovery time after failures.

Storage virtualization is an effective way to optimize the use of storage resources.

Seeton is a partner of key developers of virtualization solutions: VMware, Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Red Hat.