Seeton is ramping up its activity, enhancing expertise, and developing service portfolio in Ukraine. Also, the company became international, starting to work on the regional level in Eastern Europe & Caucasus.

Seeton company, one of the leading integrators in Ukraine previously known as Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukraine, has adopted a new business strategy as businesses and the government increasingly need digitalization. The company will focus on priority sectors where tech solutions are in the strongest demand—telecom, banking, manufacturing industry, energy, agriculture, and retail—and enhance its cooperation with the government sector. The new strategy involves both scaling up the company’s activity in Ukraine and expanding its presence in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

Earlier in 2021, Sitronics changed ownership, which resulted in a revision of its development strategy and areas of activities. Also, it underwent a full-fledged rebranding, changing its name to Seeton and updating its visual style and philosophy—mission, values, and mode of operation. After the rebranding, the company made its mission to help transform businesses and society with technologies.

Alongside with scaling up its tech activities related to system integration, Seeton is developing IT consulting. The company is active in the areas of information security, business analytics, servers, storages, and consulting specifically, helping companies and organizations comprehensively fulfil their tasks based on analytics and forecasting and plan IT projects implementation with due consideration for their current and future needs.

Seeton has already built the key management team lead by Bohdan Khoroshchak— former Director of IBM inUkraine.

‘We will extend our expertise in key sectors to help businesses and the society benefit from modern IT solutions in a new way. Ukraine develops within the global digitalization trend and makes progress on the path to e-governance. Therefore, we believe that now is the best moment for changing our company if we are to support and intensify this progress. Moreover, now that we are entering the international market, we will be able to apply the Ukrainian experience in other countries walking the digitalization path, said Bohdan Khoroshchak, CEO of Seeton. 

The company plans to invest in developing its personnel’s competencies, growing its team, and extensively training its specialists in existing and new products over the next few years. Another direction for the company’s investments will be the development of its business abroad. Seeton has already opened a representative office in Azerbaijan, taking on new projects with the first clients there, and plans to expand its presence in the Caspian region and Ukraine’s neighbour countries.

The company’s new name combines the words ‘see’ and ‘tone’, emphasizing its aptitude for identifying the client’s needs, keeping abreast of the developments, and using its expertise to shape market development. The brand has also gained a new, more straightforward and dynamic visual identity, with the name’s central element—the distinct letter ‘e’—referencing such strategically important digital processes and directions as e-democracy, e-governance, and e-commerce.

About Seeton 

Seeton is a Ukrainian national system integrator that has been implementing innovative IT practices for business and government in Ukraine and abroad for over 20 years. Seeton is a team of experienced professionals that carries out comprehensive projects and the best strategic solutions in the interests of its clients, helping them become more flexible and adaptable in the face of modern challenges.  Seeton’s expertise encompasses a wide array of products and services, e.g., telecommunication and utility networks, IT infrastructure, virtualization systems, informational and network security, data centres and computational infrastructure, cloud solutions, business solutions, analytic systems, Big Data, consulting, knowledge management systems, unified communications, professional tech support, and more. The company employs over 80 personnel.